Telemed Records: log in to your [eVisit] acct. & then click the “Print” icon.


Clinic Records:

are securely digitized & remain confidential. No data has been sold. If you need a copy of your record, please mail a dated request signed in ink on paper to: ASAP Urgent Care 519 Encinitas Blvd. #106 Encinitas, CA 92024. We cannot fax or email, but we can print & mail records to your street address by USPS, generally within 2-4 weeks. We cannot honor any request for records without signed authorization (or subpoena signed by a judge).

What happened to the walk-in clinic?

“I set up my office to be different from the start- prioritizing quality & efficiency & cost. As a result, we averaged 4.5+ star reviews, $70-80 visit fees, & 25-35 minute in/out times. (I’m proud to say these may be some of the best stats in the business!) For 10 years I took great satisfaction hearing people say “that was easy!” on their way out. But the challenges created by the pandemic meant the only way to sustain my business was to transition to the new “Telemedicine” format, providing medical advice without a physical office space. I remain ever grateful for all the support I’ve received from the local community & for the privilege of being trusted to care for people in their time of need.” -Matt Kurlan, DO (May 2020)